Saturday, 13 October 2012

Creating Space in Triangles


This is a football training session to help players to pass, move, create space and switch play in triangles for use by FA Level 1, 2, and UEFA B level coaches.


To assist players with playing and creating space in triangles. Players will have to play with their heads up, be aware of space, think one step ahead and communicate with each other to be successful in this practice. 


  • Area marked out with cones – suggest that the area is quite small to start with, but if players find it too difficult, make it bigger
  • Supply of balls, Bibs
  • Two teams of 3 players, one ball per team.
  • Team are restricted to their grid and must pass and move within their grid area.
  • After 3 or more passes, the teams must swap balls by passing the ball across the grid. 

Key Coaching Principles:

  • Good passing and movement to find space
  • Creating space in triangles.
  • Head up to see team mates and the other team
  • Encourage the players to keep a triangle shape and keep their space with their movement
  • Keep passing simple
  • Good communication
  • Encourage rotational movement
  • Timing and accuracy of passing
  • Timing of the pass to switch play and swap balls
  • Decisions on control and pass or first time pass 


  • For older players condition to one touch passing when possible
  • Make area bigger to encourage different passing techniques
  • Introduce a passive defender in each grid area to make it 3 v 1, progressing to 4 v 2 and 5 v 3

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